Project Performance

We help clients achieve better business outcomes from their projects, programs and portfolios, by partnering with them to build the hard and soft capabilities and controls they need to deliver enduring outcomes.

We can help you:

Get confidence your project, program or portfolio will be successful.

Our Project Performance Diagnostic (PPD) is a research-driven tool developed over nine years in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, providing Boards, executive teams, project sponsors and PMOs an objective, detailed understanding of what their project, program or portfolio needs to be successful. By determining the complexity of your projects and assessing the sufficiency of your hard and soft controls at every stage of the project lifecycle, we can provide assurance that your portfolio will deliver on its intended outcomes.

Unlock the full potential of your project, program or portfolio.

Knowing the value drivers that unlock project benefits allows organisations to proactively manage performance. We can help you deliver desired business outcomes by defining the right problem, identifying the value drivers that will have the biggest impact on project success, and developing a plan to embed and fully realise project benefits.

Design the right solution to efficiently realise project outcomes.

Taking the time to identify the right solution ensures organisations can maximise project outcomes within acceptable risk parameters. We work with you to identify and evaluate project options, then design your end-state operating model and effective implementation strategies to achieve your target performance outcomes.

Align leaders and mobilise project stakeholders.

The success of every project depends on engaged and aligned leaders and stakeholders. Whether you’re implementing a new capability or driving an organisation-wide transformation, our experienced change experts can support you to design and implement activities that ensure executives and stakeholders are aligned on the project outcomes.

Implement active governance and risk frameworks to drive project performance.

Meeting key milestones and project outcomes requires the timely removal of roadblocks, enabled by the right decisions, at the right time, using the right information. We can help you design and implement active governance and risk frameworks—including stage gating, status reporting, risk management—that enable independent assurance, active decision making, steering committee composition, clear accountabilities and information transparency.

Enable your Project Delivery System (PDS) with a value-maximising PMO.

Too often, PMOs assume a focus on compliance and methodologies, forgetting the needs and preferences of their customers—project sponsors, executive teams and CEOs. We can help you achieve project success by applying our right-to-left project philosophy to design and optimise PMOs that enable the whole project community to be singularly focused on delivering every project successfully.

Transform your organisation’s project delivery capability.

The ability to achieve business outcomes from major projects is a core capability for every organisation. We can help you transform your project delivery capability by aligning your organisational systems with your strategy, and building the capability of your people to support better business outcomes. Our programs are designed to build targeted capabilities aligned to the complexity of your projects, programs or portfolios. Tailored to your unique needs, they combine on-the-job learning, training, and coaching—integrated into the existing practices and processes of your organisation—to transform the project delivery capability of your people, PMOs, project managers and project leadership teams.


Bruce Ferguson

Bruce Ferguson

Head of Project Performance