Whether you’re trying to deliver a major project, improve asset sustainability or renegotiate a critical contract, if you want to achieve your objectives you need to motivate the right human action. The best way to do that? By communicating with purpose.

Why are benefits not being recognised as effective project success criteria?

Understand what causes one of the major barriers to contract performance — and how you can break it.

We view the Project Delivery System as the ecosystem in which projects, programs and portfolios are planned, executed and governed.

Effectively managing operations ‘in the field’ is an essential part of this business. Managing their equipment and assets, and ensuring operational efficiency on-site has a direct effect on financial results.

While project delivery is key to realising the value of a project, creating the value occurs primarily in the early stages of a project, and well before delivery gets underway.

Our thinking is based on our multi-year research into complex projects, conducted with the University of Technology Sydney.

Our Case study library is filled with the stories of organisations we’ve worked with to navigate complexity, achieve project performance, and transform businesses.

Project complexity is most commonly considered by organisations on a project-by-project basis.

Helmsman’s 9-year research into the impact of complexity on project outcomes has uncovered a specific and consistent scenario where the likelihood of project success plummets – The Complexity Cliff.